Wednesday, December 19, 2012

When it's (Not So) Happy Holidays & Christmas Miracles!

 Sample of our Home baked Holiday treats for Teachers, Neighbors and Friends!

 I've been wanting to update a blog post the past few days to offer a little bit of Holiday Inspiration. And wishes for a Happy Holiday. The article I'd written called "Fabulous Foods As Holiday Gifts" was published locally last Friday. And I wanted to mention it here because the fact that it came out made me happy. When I wrote it my intent was to offer inspiration in some small way to those who read it.
     I remember last Friday morning well. It looked like it was going to be an unusually peaceful day. I took a photograph of the sun rise from my living room window. The sky was an unusually bright deep pink. It seemed like it was going to be a good day. Life can change so quickly and not always for the best.
     Yet since my heart has been aching (like so many others) as a result of the recent tragedy in CT last week I didn't feel like sharing what made me happy. It didn't seem right, at least not on Friday, to post when something so tragic had just taken place. I spent the day in deep reflection instead.  I felt (still feel) deep sadness for the families and for the rest of us too. Something is not right with our world if this can happen. There's so much that simply doesn't make sense to me about this unfortunate tragedy.
       Here is what I do know. I believe we still have to do our best in our imperfect way to offer a kindness or a smile to a stranger even when maybe especially when we are hurting. We have to continue to look at our own shortcomings so that we can be the best we can be for our family and friends. We have to recognize that life is short no matter what age or stage we are at and the time to live is now.
      I woke up very early this morning to do some baking. Baking is something that always makes me happy. My kitchen warms up nicely, the smells travel throughout the whole house and I know those people I've baked for will feel a little happier too from my sharing with them.
 I'm going to keep my holidays simple this year by focusing on spending time with my kids and trying not to worry about things that don't really matter anyway.
 My wish for you is that an unexpected Christmas Miracle comes your way this season especially if you are needing one. And remember the thing about a miracle is you have to be willing to ask for (and believe in) them to receive one!