Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Cousins & Jumbo Chocolate Chip Cookies!

The cousins are coming!
My four nephews to be exact. What fun Sophia will have with all the boys running around the house! I am so grateful that the sun is shining and that we'll be able to pack lunches and head to the beach together later today. And, even more grateful that after a day filled with sand and sun everyone can rinse off in the outdoor shower before coming back into the house.
My next farm delivery will be a batch of Jumbo Chocolate Chip Cookies--it's a recipe that I get excellent feedback on and is included in "Meet Me in My Cape Cod Kitchen".
Bella, Sophia and I spent a few fun hours together at Wood Neck Beach yesterday. The water was warm and the tide was high when we arrived then slowly crept out as we enjoyed the afternoon sun.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Coonamessett Farm Cookie Delivery

Hey! If you're hanging around town this weekend stop by the Coonamessett Farm Store and pick up a package of my freshly baked Dreamy Island Cookies that I dropped off first thing this morning!
It's a beautiful Cape Cod day and I hope you're enjoying it. I'm about to head to Menhaunt Beach to put my toes in the sand and catch some rays!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Purple and Pink Castle Cake & Baked Brie, Part 2!

Both the Cake and the Brie were such a hit at both events on Wednesday that I thought I'd post a quick update.
I arrived at Sophia's school with the cake in tact-this was no small feat as it was three tiers with purple and pink frosted cones for the columns. One of Sophia's classmates was so impressed that she quickly asked if I could make a special cake for her birthday and proceeded to tell me exactly how she wanted it-love those Kindergartners!
At book club we discussed "Little Bee" by Chris Cleave. As for the baked brie their was not even a tiny bit left at the end of the night. It's simply that good-the combination of the crunchy nuts to balance the sweet preserves and the flaky crust that balances the creamy brie. Yum!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Purple and Pink Castle Cake & Baked Brie

Sophia is a summer girl. She turns six in two weeks and I've ordered a pink and purple bounce house castle to be delivered for the celebration.
I've been invited by Sophia's teacher to bring in a special treat tomorrow to share with her classmates since they will be out of school for the summer when her birthday arrives. It seems only fitting that I bake a pink and purple castle cake.
But for now, shh! I am going to keep the cake a surprise from Sophia as I think it will be more fun to see her face as I arrive at her school with a castle cake.
As for the Baked Brie-I've decided to make it to bring to Wednesday night's Book Club. Book Club is always a good time!
Recipe for Baked Brie:
Large brie wheel
Pie crust
Black raspberry preserves (really any jam will do)
chopped fine pecans or walnuts.

Place the pie crust rolled out flat on a baking dish. Place the brie wheel in the center. Spread the preserves on top of the brie then sprinkle with the nuts. Wrap the pie crust around the brie. Press firmly to seal the crust. Bake at 325 degrees for approximately 20 minutes or until cheese begins to melt. Serve warm with your favorite crackers.
So easy and delicious!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

House Guests, Mozzarella with Pesto & Cranberry Orange Scones

A friend of mine who I met way back in Grade School came to visit this past weekend with her husband and son. With dinner last night (Steaks cooked on the grill) I served a super easy side dish they enjoyed. I took soft mozzarella rolled cheese and laid it out flat. I spread pesto sauce on the cheese then rolled it up tightly. I cut the roll into half inch slices and placed them as spirals on a platter. It's so easy and tastes delish. (Thinking back at it now I wish I'd thought to snap a quick picture so you can see for yourself)!
We invited another friend over and all sat around our fire-pit in the back yard. We laughed and shared stories while the kids toasted marshmallows for s'mores.
As for the Cranberry Orange Scones I managed to bake a batch and have them in the oven before they even woke this morning. I like to place my scone batter in a pie plate (instead of what a lot of people suggest which is to form the dough into a circle and place on a cookie sheet-the pie plate simply holds the shape easier).
I slice them into eight scones when finished baking. I like to serve them warm with butter and preserves.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Root Beer Flavored Cake with Dark Chocolate, Cook-Book & Summer!

I saw a recipe posted recently by Saveur Magazine for a Root-Beer Flavored Cake. I was intrigued so I gave it a try over this past weekend. I brought it to the neighbor's cook-out along with the Grilled Asparagus (which seemed to be a hit). It's a pretty tasty cake. I can't say I tasted the root beer all that much but the dark chocolate whipped frosting was amazing and the cake itself was very moist. Besides, it's fun to try new recipes. How will you know if you like something if you don't give whatever it is a try?
It seems like so many people spend a life time doing the same old thing because they don't try something new. There is joy to be found in being spontaneous, trying new things and doing things a little different than your used to. For me, this past weekend, I dusted off and pulled out my bike because I hadn't been on a bike ride in a couple of years (something I love to do) and I really loved getting back on that bike. Sophia and I have plans to use the bike-path in Falmouth together this summer.
As for my cook-book you can now buy a copy of "Meet Me in My Cape Cod Kitchen" at the wonderful local bookstore right in Mashpee Commons.