Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Lemon Cake, Butterfly Cake Dipped in Ganache & Celebration Cookies

Sophia invited a friend over last week to color easter eggs. I'm grateful I have one at home who is still young enough to want to do this simple and fun easter tradition. They were meticulous about it too. They carefully divided the eggs, chose colors for dipping, markers for drawing and stickers to decorate each with. They decorated for the better part of an afternoon.
My spring semester has begun and I have been teaching every day. So for now I have less time for baking and fun projects around the house.
I decided while they were carefully coloring their eggs I'd bake a few batches of Celebration Cookies. There are a few people I wanted to bake for. I love to wrap a handful of just baked cookies in celophane bags, tie them with a colorful silk ribbon and leave on the doorstep of a friend or send in the mail to someone who lives further away. It's my way of letting them know I was thinking of them. Or I'll bake them as a Thank-you for someone who did something nice for me.
Easter is Sunday and I've decided to make Lemon Cake and my butterfly cake dipped in chocolate Ganache for dessert. I am long over due for baking both of them. When I told Sophia what I'd decided she said she couldn't wait until Sunday. I remember I used to bake and sell many of my Lemon Cakes but now it has become a treat I only make every once and awhile.