Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Winter's Beauty & Butternut Squash Ravioli with Mascarpone Cream Sauce

One of the cool things about living on Cape year round is that even when all the crowds leave and the tourist season is over there's still so much beauty. Here's a sample: the early morning winter sun from my walk on the shining sea bike path, the swans from Waquoit bay and the sun rising over the snow taken from my living room window. 
On a walk with a friend earlier today it was only 14 degrees. 
I prefer the sun and warmth over the winter any day. Although the beauty is so comforting despite the cold. 
Last weekend I hosted a dinner party at my house for family we didn't get a chance to see over the Holidays. I so love to cook good food for family and friends and be creative in the Kitchen.
My son is home from College--and said "Mom, you really should be a professional chef". At least it's nice to be appreciated.
One of the dishes I made was a roasted butter-nut squash ravioli with a mascarpone cream sauce with candied pecans, and freshly ground black pepper. I also made a flat-bread with goat cheese, mozzarella, sautéed mushrooms and a balsamic glaze. We had Tiramisu and Peppermint stick ice cream for dessert.  I even opened my last bottle of red wine from Italy.