Thursday, February 25, 2016

Invitation to Check out my new Column


Some fun things have been going on around here lately. It's been a lot of work too. Yet a labor of love for sure.

For starters, I am featured in the current issue of Cape Cod Magazine. It's a super nice article and they included a bunch of my photographs and recipes too. If you get a chance, check it out. They did a great job.

I have not been posting at my blog lately because I am writing a new column over in the Lifestyle/Food section at Below is a sample of the first entry. It's a weekly column--released on Wednesdays.

We decided to call it My Cape Cod Kitchen based on my self published book originally released in 2009 and the more recent hard cover expanded version published by Schiffer that I called "Meet me in My Cape Cod Kitchen".

The title came about from 2006-2009 spending so much time at home with my daughter Sophia and making food for my family in my own Kitchen. It's intended as an invitation to you to explore the fun to be found in your own Kitchen--whether or not you are on Cape Cod.