Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Chestnut Puree, Cookie Delivery & Apologies!

I mentioned I've been searching around Falmouth for Chestnut Puree. I did find it online through Amazon although they were wanting to charge me over $10.00 for shipping. At this point I'm thinking about picking up some chestnuts and pureeing them myself! They're not the easiest food to puree but I really want to give this particular tart a try.

I just finished baking a batch of Cookies that are on their way to the farm now.

As for apologies, when my daughter's and I were out of town a voice message was left for me and I saved it intending to return the call when we were back on Cape. It was a new customer looking for a birthday cake for her child's first birthday and somehow that particular message didn't get saved and I don't have the telephone number so I have no way of letting the person know I did in fact receive the message. I feel bad because even if I know I'm not available for an order I still like to at least acknowledge the call.

The weather today is cool, wet and windy. It's a perfect cape cod day for cooking, baking and staying indoors.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sweet & Savory Tarts, Biscotti & Joy of Friendship

What a busy summer it's been at our house! Last week we had long-time friends fly in from Dallas, TX to visit us for the weekend. And, what a blessing it was! They were wonderful house-guests and it was so much fun to catch up.
The joy of friendship is that if you make a lasting friend connection you can go without seeing one another for years and when you meet up again it's as if you pick up right where you left off.
I dropped off cookies at the farm right before they arrived (and the morning after they left) as I knew we would be having way too much fun for baking while they were here.
In one weekend we went to Old Silver Beach, Surf Drive, La Tavola (the Italian Community Dinner in Mashpee), National Seashore and the Fort Hill Area in Eastham, Cahoon Hollow and of course The Beachcomber, the Jetty in Provincetown (each of my three children walked it with ease) and then of course the main drag in Provincetown. On Sunday just the girls and I spent a super fun day walking around the wharf in Boston and looking around Quincy Market (and of course eating more food).
I sent them home with packages of my Cranberry Biscotti with white chocolate and from what I hear the rest of their family really loved getting a taste.
I've been feeling creative in the kitchen this week as it gives me a chance to feel grounded again and last night I made a super savory Butternut Squash, Gorgonzola and Sage tart.
Next, I'm going to try a sweet option-a Chestnut, Pecan and Maple Tart as soon as I can locate chestnut puree somewhere on the Cape.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Joy & Baking

I am a bit behind in my baking schedule as I snuck away with my girls on a fabulous little vacation to Orlando, Florida. Yep-I took them to Disney! We'd never been and it had been awhile since we traveled very far from Cape Cod so I thought it would do us some good to get away. It did! The whole trip flew by in an instant but it was a lot of fun.

We met some cool people which is always fun. In fact we met one couple who hung out at the hotel pool with their kids a couple of the same nights that we did. It turned out that they are going on their first ever Cape Cod Adventure for her 40th birthday--without the kids! I think they will love it here.

As for baking, I am heading into my kitchen first thing in the morning. I know for sure I will make Dreamy Island Cookies for the farm and I have an order for Cranberry Biscotti dipped in White Chocolate to fill too. The picture above--I just had to share so you can see for yourself the joy I know the girls felt while on our little getaway adventure.