Monday, August 9, 2010

Joy & Baking

I am a bit behind in my baking schedule as I snuck away with my girls on a fabulous little vacation to Orlando, Florida. Yep-I took them to Disney! We'd never been and it had been awhile since we traveled very far from Cape Cod so I thought it would do us some good to get away. It did! The whole trip flew by in an instant but it was a lot of fun.

We met some cool people which is always fun. In fact we met one couple who hung out at the hotel pool with their kids a couple of the same nights that we did. It turned out that they are going on their first ever Cape Cod Adventure for her 40th birthday--without the kids! I think they will love it here.

As for baking, I am heading into my kitchen first thing in the morning. I know for sure I will make Dreamy Island Cookies for the farm and I have an order for Cranberry Biscotti dipped in White Chocolate to fill too. The picture above--I just had to share so you can see for yourself the joy I know the girls felt while on our little getaway adventure.

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