Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Chestnut Puree, Cookie Delivery & Apologies!

I mentioned I've been searching around Falmouth for Chestnut Puree. I did find it online through Amazon although they were wanting to charge me over $10.00 for shipping. At this point I'm thinking about picking up some chestnuts and pureeing them myself! They're not the easiest food to puree but I really want to give this particular tart a try.

I just finished baking a batch of Cookies that are on their way to the farm now.

As for apologies, when my daughter's and I were out of town a voice message was left for me and I saved it intending to return the call when we were back on Cape. It was a new customer looking for a birthday cake for her child's first birthday and somehow that particular message didn't get saved and I don't have the telephone number so I have no way of letting the person know I did in fact receive the message. I feel bad because even if I know I'm not available for an order I still like to at least acknowledge the call.

The weather today is cool, wet and windy. It's a perfect cape cod day for cooking, baking and staying indoors.

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