Sunday, October 26, 2008

Bite-sized Cake Balls and Party Dresses!

I can always test the longevity and success of a new product through my daughter Bella. She could make a fortune as a taste-tester! Late yesterday afternoon I decided to make a batch of Cake-balls. It is another recipe passed to me by my mother in law.
Bella and I have been tossing holiday gift ideas around that we could make together and share with friends and family. We wanted to whip up a batch just to see if they tasted as good as they looked and were as fun as they sounded.
What a fun treat!
First, you bake a basic cake. This time we used chocolate. While it is still warm you break it apart in your mixer to which you blend in a tub of frosting. Chill for about two hours. Pull it out and roll into small balls. You can use a melon ball or an ice cream scoop.
Place balls on a cookie sheet cover with wax paper and freeze for up to six hours or more. Melt chocolate and roll the cake balls in, let harden. Optional, you can also roll them in sprinkles or other small candy before it hardens.
You can use vanilla cake and white frosting, even color the frosting pink or red!
These are not only delicious, they are so fabulous! They almost make me want to throw on my high heels and put on a pretty dress just to eat them!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Chilly Mornings with Chocolate Chip Pancakes

The morning was chilly so I decided to build a fire in the living room fireplace. Summer on Cape Cod is gone-at least for now!
Bella had a couple of girlfriends sleepover last night so I decided to make them Chocolate Chip Pancakes with fresh melon for breakfast. I was hoping they weren't going to sleep all day so I tried to rouse them out of bed with warmth and fresh smells.
I wanted to use buttermilk but realized I was out. Did you know you can make buttermilk with a cup of regular milk to which you can add a teaspoon of either vinegar or lemon juice? You simply whisk them together and voila! Buttermilk.
As soon as I placed a tray of warm pancakes on the table and was about to call them for breakfast they emerged from their room-hungry!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Back to Baking

Sophia had a friend over from her preschool class yesterday. We were looking for something to do so I whipped up a batch of my 'Nana's no-fail Sugar Cookies' and we rolled and cut them into pumpkin shapes and dipped them in colored sugars.
This morning I am baking a Chocolate Crown Cake and a Lemon Cake for a new client.
The other night I brought Jumbo Chocolate Chip Cookies to my women friends in my writing group. I have an order for multiple packages of cranberry biscotti that are going to be used in Cape Cod themed holiday gift baskets.
In November I am scheduled to do a baking demonstration at Highfield Hall. I have been asked to make empanadas. I have some creative ideas for flavor combinations. It should be fun because it's hands-on and participants will get to sample the empanadas.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Frosting 'Shots' & Helping Out Around the House

Thanks to an article recently published in the Dallas Morning News sent to me by my mother in law I have added a really fun treat to my menu repertoire. Today I made a batch of frosting shots. They are for people who mostly like the frosting side of a cake or cupcake.
First, I made a super creamy chocolate whipped (totally sugar induced) frosting. I scooped the mix into my pastry bag and swirled large dollops into little white paper cups.
They sort of just glide onto your tongue and slide down your throat!
My son told me when he was done trying his that he would help with anything I needed done if I'd just make some more.
Frosting 'shots' are definitely a 'hit' at our house.