Thursday, October 9, 2008

Back to Baking

Sophia had a friend over from her preschool class yesterday. We were looking for something to do so I whipped up a batch of my 'Nana's no-fail Sugar Cookies' and we rolled and cut them into pumpkin shapes and dipped them in colored sugars.
This morning I am baking a Chocolate Crown Cake and a Lemon Cake for a new client.
The other night I brought Jumbo Chocolate Chip Cookies to my women friends in my writing group. I have an order for multiple packages of cranberry biscotti that are going to be used in Cape Cod themed holiday gift baskets.
In November I am scheduled to do a baking demonstration at Highfield Hall. I have been asked to make empanadas. I have some creative ideas for flavor combinations. It should be fun because it's hands-on and participants will get to sample the empanadas.

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