Saturday, September 13, 2008

My Birthday Wish & The Magical Kitchen!

I wonder if it's OK to have as many birthday wishes to match your years? Like the way you get a candle to represent each year on your birthday cake? In a book by Don Miguel Ruiz their is a chapter called the Magical Kitchen. It's a book about love. Their is something so appealing to me about the idea of a Magical Kitchen. In my Magical Kitchen I would wave my wand to clean the dishes instantly. I would stock the pantry, refrigerator and freezer at whim.The one thing I wouldn't wave my wand over is the act of baking itself. I love it too much to sweep it away with a single wave of a wand. Although if I did have a magic kitchen I wouldn't mind using the wand to sweep the floor each morning and night. In my Magical Kitchen I would wish that everyone everywhere could have more than enough food to satisfy them completely. Not just a bowl of oatmeal or macaroni and cheese either-whatever meal would truly satisfy each and every person! As for my birthday wish if I tell you it probably won't come true!

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