Thursday, April 23, 2009

Gotta Love it & Things to be Counted on!

With the arrival of spring on Cape Cod I am able to get back to my favorite walking spot. Here is the view from the entrance of the path I like to walk at South Cape Beach.
One of the things that comforts me the most in life is that no matter what happens their are certain things that can and will remain constant.
For me-it's a good walk, good talks with trusted friends, baking a cake and the love and care I have for my children.
The kids are home this week. I am so happy for the added time I get to spend with them. I suppose I should add that even though I'm happy about them being around, I wouldn't say it's easy. Between the late nights of my teens and my early bird daughter Sophia I am tired. Although like those things I can always count on my love for them will remain constant.
The kids had fun yesterday playing with a cousin that is visiting from out of town. I am going to make them banana bread for breakfast later and cranberry biscotti that I need to add to a gift basket order.
Oh, And you gotta love it- The weather man claims that after the bit of rain we are getting this morning we are headed for five days of warm air and sunny skies!

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