Saturday, February 23, 2013

Blog Book & Winter Break!

I recently printed my entire blog into a hard cover book. The cover is black with the above photograph of South Cape Beach and the title "Life as a Cape Cod Baker".
 I've shared it with a few friends and they seem to like it. My favorite response is when I showed it to my daughter Sophia. She took it and sat on the couch reading it for about an hour then we chatted about the different stories, photos and recipes. Years from now I want my children to enjoy it as they flip through the pages. It's a good record of daily life at our Cape Cod house for the past few years. I've thought about printing a second copy to share with the Falmouth Library.
As for Winter Break, the kids have been home this past week. We didn't go anywhere except the one day I took Sophia into Boston to visit the Aquarium and do some shopping at Faneuil Hall. She loves taking the train so we drove half way into the City and took the Red Line in from there.
My daughter Bella is still recovering from her Ankle surgery. She's still non weight bearing on her right foot so we decided to keep things simple  and do fun things from home.
And I helped her to set some goals so she'd have something to look forward to when she is fully recovered. Between the ice and the snow and the cold anyone can feel discouraged. Yet I think it becomes even more depressing when you're immobilized. One thing I did to help her  feel  more comforted was throughout the week I cooked some of her favorites: Angel Hair with Parmesan and Pepper with roasted red peppers, Chicken Enchilada's, Blueberry Pancakes and Summer Salad.
 The salad is simple and delicious and I am sure if you do a blog search you can find my recipe for it already posted here. We made the summer salad partly because making and eating it helps us remember that summer will return again soon.


Ninotchka said...

Love the blog book idea! I've been meaning to that for years. Who did you use?

Linda Maria Steele said...

I used You can choose your cover and which posts you do or don't want. I chose to do the whole blog. I really liked the way it came out. You'll be happy if you do! :-)