Wednesday, February 18, 2009

'Fun'-due with a Four Year Old!

Our Ski trip to North Conway, NH got put on hold because my sons basketball team made it to the finals. They won 17-0 for the season then all four of the championship games.
One would assume that with the season championship behind us basketball season would be over for now. Although we now head full swing into 'post' season tournaments. Next weekend we go to Basketball City in Boston. It'll be good to get to go into the City.
In the meantime, I want to have fun with my youngest daughter while she is home over break. Yesterday we decided to make fondue which she calls 'fun'-due.
We melted a bowl of chocolate. We cut up fresh apple slices, bananas and grapes. She decided to try everything she could find in our pantry. We used large marshmallows and small and a handful of pretzels too. After awhile as I noticed the large ring of chocolate around her mouth it was all about the chocolate.
I'm into this 'fun'-due too. It's perfect if you end up with last minute dinner guests and don't have time to bake a more formal desert.

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