Friday, March 16, 2012

Food as Conversation & a Taste Test!

I realized this week while in the middle of teaching my Analysis of Literature class at MA Maritime Academy how Food is often a powerful starting point for good conversation.
We've been reading Melville, Faulkner, Chekhov and Mansfield. The turning point for the character from Katherine Mansfield's Ms. Brill is when we watch her pass by her usual stop to pick up a honeycake. It was something she did often but on this day she doesn't. We had fun discussing why she didn't stop at the bakery- something she loved to do.
From there a student talked about a time he made an elaborate dinner for his girlfriend. Class ended with lots of talk about good food. Students asked me to promise by the end of the semester to bring in something for them to try.
Talks around food happen often at home too. There are times when I find it can be a bit of a challenge to connect to my teenagers. They grow and change in new directions so quickly.
So, I'll bake a Chicken Pot Pie (Bella's favorite) pictured here. It always gets them out of their room and into the kitchen to talk.
And we recently bought a Chicken Pot Pie from Pies A La Mode in Falmouth and then another one from Centerville Pie Company in Centerville to do a little taste testing of our own. They both make excellent pies but we decided we liked our version best. Because, we made it from scratch ourselves. Besides, it gave us something fun to talk about.

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