Friday, August 25, 2017

Linda's Lemon Cake & Small Acts of Kindness

"No act of Kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted." ~Aesop

     I get compliments often, either from people who have used my recipe themselves or eaten a slice of a Lemon Cake I  personally baked about how yummy it is. It feels so good to make people a little bit happier from something so simple as a thick slice of just baked lemon cake.  It's a Bundt cake with lots of fresh squeezed lemon juice in the recipe.
    Recently, one of my daughters traveled to see a friend in Malibu, California. They met in Boston at College last year and he invited her out for a visit. I knew she'd be staying in his family home so I decided to bake a few treats for them and drop in the mail so it would be there in California when she arrived as a thank you to the family for hosting her.
     My daughter was spending a week in Colorado before the California trip so it made sense that I send it directly to them in hopes it would arrive prior to her arrival.
       It seemed like such a small and easy act of kindness that would be appreciated. My daughter tells me they sat around the dinner table and enjoyed the fresh baked treats together. Later I received a super sweet hand-written note from the whole family thanking me.
Today, more than ever it feels as if we must keep offering our simple acts of kindness no matter how small they may seem because as the quote above suggests they are never wasted. 


Musings From a Patchwork Quilt Life said...

Congratulations on being selected SCN Blogger of the month, Linda! I enjoyed my first visit and particularly loved this post, both for the link of acts of kindness and the gorgeous recipe. Is there a place I can go to look at the recipe?

Linda Maria Steele said...

Thank you! Your note of kindness is appreciated. Will return again soon to post it here for you in case others would enjoy it too. It's also in my book.