Friday, September 22, 2017

Ten Year Anniversary of my Blog!

Wow! Can't believe this Sunday will mark ten years of maintaining this blog.

I started it during the time I was offering a baking service from home taking small orders for cake or cookies. I named my business West Falmouth Baking Company because we lived in West Falmouth, I liked the sound of the name and I loved baking. Still do!

Then I went back to teaching and no longer took orders but as someone who always prepared meals for her family I decided to continue to post when I felt I had something to share.

 I've kept it non commercial over the years but some beautiful things have emerged from maintaining it. Most recently I was selected as SCN's featured blogger of the month. A few years ago it led to a fun podcast when I was interviewed by Girlfriendology. Many food related articles I've published started with an idea that I first wrote about here. I was invited to write a series of food columns for Cape as they started to feature local food stories.

My book contract came in part because the Publisher liked my blog. I've printed out the blog and have a hard cover version of it that I keep on my Baker's Hutch.
What I love more than anything is that it offers me a diary of sorts of time spent in my kitchen preparing food for my family. The blog will be added on the Food Lover page of my website soon.
Thank you for stopping by! I haven't decided what the future holds for this blog as my creative interests have changed and developed over time.

The photograph above is of my cranberry biscotti with white chocolate.

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