Friday, July 11, 2008

Raising Kids & Baking Cakes

I may be reaching a little here but I always find so many similarities between raising my kids and baking a cake. My kids need the right amount of love, attention and discipline so they have room to grow in the world. My cakes also need just the right amount of my love and attention. If I put too much of this or that or if I leave out a little of something the cake can fall flat or even worse not taste quite right. When one of my kids doesn't get enough sleep, consumes too much sugar without a healthy meal to go along with it or simply hasn't had time to play and be free then they too 'fall flat' or don't seem 'quite right'.
It's always a juggle for me to get my kids to all their activities on time and replenish my table at the farm not to mention filling other orders that come in. I suppose I can learn from the kids and the kitchen that maybe it's simply a matter of striking a balance between giving my time to my kids and giving myself to my kitchen.

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