Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Baking Life into the House

People often comment that I seem to really enjoy baking. I do. It's kind of a long story. The short version is that I have always wanted to give to the people around me and I have always wanted my home to be filled with life. Baking has been a quick route to satisfy both for me.

The smells, the heat from the oven, the textures and tastes of all the ingredients come together and turn my house from an ordinary structure into a really great home.

Over the summer we often have quite a few house guests--people who are just dying to see us--oh, and Cape Cod in the summer!

Last summer an old family friend came to stay with us for a week. They were a family of four coming from California and had never really been to New England. It's always a lot to have people stay in your home. Yet I wanted this particular group of guests to have an extra special memory of Cape Cod and their time with us.

So I decided to bake for them every day or at least as much as I could while they were visiting. I had jumbo chocolate chip cookies made for them when they arrived. Cranberry Biscotti dipped in white chocolate, peach and pecan empanadas and fresh baked lemon cake ready for them to wrap up and take with them when they headed into the City or over to the Vineyard for the day. They woke to the smells and tastes of fresh baked banana bread in the morning.

The last I heard the mom (a good friend of mine) took to the art of baking herself and that the rest of her family have been quite happy with her new found passion.

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