Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Time Marches Forward, Cookies for Friends & Gardens!

I am online today because when I woke this morning it dawned on me that I have yet to post a baking update for March. I enjoy writing here but life often takes me to other places and on other adventures.
My baking business will get busier soon as I start to sell at the Farm.
My recipe collection is underway and will hopefully be ready in time for sale at the farm table or directly from me by summer.
Last Friday I baked an orange pound cake to remind my office mates of my love for baking. It's a refreshingly moist cake. I've included the recipe in my recipe booklet. I sent dreamy island cookies to an old friend for her birthday. Today I'd planned to bake Biscotti but have decided instead to go to a friend's book-signing cocktail party at Bleu in Mashpee. I will bake the Biscotti tomorrow.
As for gardens, I am planting my own this year. My youngest goes off to Kindergarten next fall and I want to spend as much time with her as I can so I have invited her to plant the garden with me. Who knows, maybe I'll create some new recipes from what we grow.

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