Monday, June 29, 2009

Summer Parties & Having Teens in the House

I am pretty sure that Sophia's fifth birthday was a hit! Here's a quick snapshot of her helping me bake the pony shaped sugar cookies we served as guests arrived.
I feel so lucky that she enjoys baking with me.

As for teens in the house, it doesn't feel quite as effortless. They seem to only want my time to drive them around town and as much cash as I am willing or able to shell out.

As for other summer parties-this weekend is our Homemade Limoncello Tasting and Barbecue.

It's been very strange on Cape Cod lately. We will be blessed with one gorgeous summer sunny day and then have five or six straight days of either rain, clouds or cooler temperatures!

This doesn't seem possible but we haven't even spent a day at the beach this season yet.

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