Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Limoncello Girls!

On Sunday, my girlfriends and I hosted a sweet summer backyard barbecue by the water-a celebration of the summer of sorts!
We kicked the party off with a homemade Limoncello tasting. Guests took sips and were asked to come up with fancy names for our versions of the delightful Italian liqueur.
The names were read and guests voted on their favorites. A prize was offered to the best name.
The Limoncello girls first gathered last fall. We brewed up this idea to make our own Limoncello at my birthday party. We got together about a month later for evening lemon zesting and girl talk.
While making that first batch we gathered three times-each time became a mini party among friends. Then we shared homemade Limoncello with friends and family last Christmas.
In February, we met up again at one of the Limoncello Girls' book signings and chatted about our desire to get together and make some more. We did.
The party became a celebration of The Limoncello Girls and our desire to have fun and throw fabulous parties.
Lots of guests arrived in fancy yellow attire and we served them my lemon cakes and a friends delicious lemon squares for desert! One guest even arrived by boat and docked right at the house. Another guest offered her incredible home made fudge and the chocolate became the best accompaniment to the tart lemon treats.

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