Saturday, September 12, 2009

Such as Life!

Here is the cake I decided to bake for myself this morning to share with my family tomorrow on my birthday!
It's called Magic Mocha Cake and I suppose it doesn't look too magical from here except to say that the new pan I bought has a special insert so that there is a thick layer of fresh whipped mocha cream all throughout the inside of the cake.
The cake itself is a two layer double chocolate. The frosting is a whipped butter cream with white chocolate.
Many times when I bake a cake it is for a cake order I am going to fill so someone else gets the pleasure of eating it! This time my kids were very happy to hear they are the recipients of this one.
The 'such as life' comes in when I remember to mention that just yesterday I wrote about how much I like to sit back and 'reflect' on the good times while baking. As usual a little bit of reality always creeps in.
As I was whipping the frosting, the kids were busy running around the house and my attention was unexpectedly called away for a minute--the setting was on pretty high, I'd just begun the whipping. As I looked back not even a half minute later lots of the frosting had escaped from the bowl and covered everything from the wall, the counter, the floor, my clothes, etc..I think you get the picture.
Anyway, I have managed to get it all cleaned up and the cake is ready to roll for the celebration tomorrow. As always, more good times to come.

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