Monday, February 15, 2010

Sharing the Love....

These are pictures from the little champagne and chocolate soiree I put together for early yesterday afternoon as a way to celebrate Valentine's Day.
The chocolate cake balls were delicious!

We made a toast simply--'to love'.

I was thinking not just romantic love but ordinary friendship, kindness and good will too.

In the morning I gave each of my three children a valentine; a carefully chosen card, a dvd for my oldest, a soft pajama set for my middle daughter and a cuddly red with hearts fleece blanket and pillow set for Sophia.
For my husband, a box of chocolates and later last night dinner at Asia in Mashpee Commons and a trip to see "Valentine's Day" together while my teens babysat Sophia-I was so surprised because I think he liked the movie more than I did.

I hope you had a love-filled valentine's day!

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