Monday, February 8, 2010

Giving the Easy Way a Try, Writing a Book & Chocolate Chip Cookies!

Sometimes I wish I had one of those 'easy' buttons. Some weeks are so hectic with things that need to get done that it's nice to simplify when possible. Case in point: look at the photograph of our house to the right and notice the tall evergreen.

During the holidays we cover the tree with bright lights. I love it because when it's lit you can see it from the end of the street as you round the corner of our road. Although to do it is a bit of a hassle because as you can see for yourself the tree is pretty tall.

We finally decided to simplify and give the' easy' way a try-we unplugged the lights for the season but left them on the tree. You can't notice them while they are not lit and how cool will that be when the next season rolls around and the hard part is already done?

My point: How much easier life can be when I am willing to give the 'easy' way a try!

As for writing a book: I have been working on a new writing project but recently my sweet Sophia wrote a darling book of her own. It's precious! The book is five pages long with sweet stick figure drawings of smiley faced girls with large hands and no necks! She called her book "Mom and Sophia". The book begins with her writing Mom plays with Sophia and ends with Sophia loves Mom.
As for the cookies, I brought a batch of chocolate chip cookies to the women in my work book-club last week and a batch of cookies to my students too.

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