Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Easiest Way to a Man's Heart....& Gratitude and Love for my Son!

I went for a walk earlier today with a friend. Temps had warmed a bit and the sun even made a brief appearance. It becomes such a blessing to simply have the sun out in the middle of winter.
We talked about how amazed we both are at how different men and women can be.
She commented on how easy it was for her husband to ignore all the 'to-do's ' around the house while he put up his feet and relaxed. I told her I knew exactly what she meant.
After the walk I sat with the 'guys' while they watched football. I decided to make a meal they could appreciate.
I made a roast, rosemary red potatoes, Texas Toast garlic bread and a fresh garden salad with goat cheese. It occurred to me that when it comes right down to it men aren't really that hard to please.
It's often as simple as the saying-the easiest way to a man's heart is through his stomach.
On Friday night my husband and I were lucky enough to get out on an unexpected date night because my oldest son offered to baby sit my youngest.
We went to a friends house for Cocktails and Appetizers and then headed down to Woods Hole to hear the very accomplished and talented artist 'Christo' discuss his latest project.
And as talented of an artist Christo is I wouldn't be entirely surprised to hear that the way to his heart is also as simple as making him a good meal.

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