Saturday, July 10, 2010

Celebration Cookies!

By Monday I already knew what I wanted to put in my latest cookie creation although it's been a busy week with catching up with friends and hosting house guests that I didn't have much time to sneak away for baking and testing new recipes.
In fact, I had to turn away two new customers because I barely had the time to bring my cookies to the farm. I made sure I went into my kitchen first thing this morning to get a batch of Dreamy Island Cookies started.
I'm calling the new recipe, Celebration Cookies. I've put dried blueberries, dried cranberries and white chocolate in them as a tribute to the Fourth of July Holiday. They have a unique texture and sweet taste. I love them.
I invited my son in for a taste and as I anxiously awaited his response he said, "they're so good"!
We're going to a Cocktail Party tonight to Celebrate the completion of a home that my husband has been a large part in the renovation of and I think I'll bring the host a package of my new cookies to try.

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