Friday, May 13, 2011

Baking Banana Bread, Offering Support & Farm Store

"We must be small enough, humble enough, to always be beginners, observers. We must be open to experience, new experience, new sources of knowledge and insight, while still staying grounded in the fact that what we already know and have done is estimable, also important".

~ Julia Cameron

It was cold yesterday and the sun wanted to peek out from behind the clouds but it never did until late in the afternoon. I had bananas on the counter that were ripe and ready for baking. So I decided to bake banana bread because it was a good day for it.The house smells so inviting when banana bread's in the oven.

Sophia had a friend come over to play after school and they were happy that there was warm bread waiting for them to snack on.

As for offering support, I find it's important that I take a look at the lives of my friends and family and see if there is something I might do to offer them support. Life is hard and complex already, all on its own, and it feels good to know we can have support from others from time to time. Besides, it seems like we can do more with the love and support from the help of good people then we ever could on our own.

Recently, I offered a friend's teenage daughter a copy of my cookbook and an offer to call me if she was baking and needed my help. She'd been looking for a new hobby and she wanted to learn how to bake. I know my offer of support was small, yet when I ran into her the other day she said she tried my recipe for banana bread and that it came out really good. And, It's fun to know I've turned another person on to how much fun baking can be.

As for the Farm Store, I've been chatting with them this week about my summer baking schedule. I've decided to deliver my Celebration Cookies for sale just before the July 4Th holiday on the First of July. I've decided to make deliveries less frequently this summer in the hopes that I may get more of my book written. With three kids home, the summer gets filled up quickly. I won't be teaching so hopefully I can set a productive writing schedule. But I didn't want to let the whole summer pass without sharing my cookies.

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