Friday, May 6, 2011

Dangerously Good Cookies & Gorgeous Day!

It's such a gorgeous day today that I snuck down to South Cape Beach for a quick early morning walk. I was playing with an idea I have for the cover photo of "Sweeter by the Beach" which is to write the title in the sand. One of the things I love the most about the beach is how easy it is for me to relax when I'm there.

I've been doing some writing about one of my favorite topics this week: Food. I submitted my guest blog post for that will appear Mid-June about Friends & Food.

I offered two tasty recipes and wrote about a fun story of an adventure my girlfriends and I recently shared. I also submitted my article on eating Lobster that I called "For the Love of Lobster". The lobster article will be in print in The Upper Cape Enterprise, Supplement Magazine Section that will hit newsstands Memorial Day Weekend.

Lately, I've been having just as much fun writing about food as I do eating and making it.

As for the 'Dangerously Good Cookies', I stopped by my Mechanic's Shop today to see if he could sell me a back break light that had burned out. He said, "you know those cookies you gave me the last time you were here? They were dangerously good"!

I love that comment. I think what he meant is that he liked them so much he had a hard time not eating them all at once. It was my Celebration Cookies and they are pretty good!

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