Friday, June 3, 2011

Spirea & Being Social Through Sharing Food!

Each year around this time I get excited when my Spirea bushes bloom. I have about six of these in different places in the side and back yards.

As for being social; at a time when most people get so easily tied to blackberry's and laptops (me included) I love to remember the importance of being social and the best way I find for me to do that is by sharing good food.

We have new neighbors moving in soon and I'm going to bake cookies to welcome them. Since the good weather has returned maybe I'll make a pitcher of summer sangria too with fresh blueberries and orange slices. My daughter Sophia knows me so well. When she heard they were moving in she said, "Mom, we'll have to bake for them"!

And, I am definitely due for hosting a back yard barbecue at my house soon now that the weather has turned so nice to gather friends and share good food.

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