Friday, August 26, 2011

Food as Gift, Mike's Mussels & Fresh From the Garden!

I wrote a sweet essay I called "Food as Gift" that's going to be published in the upcoming September issue of "Cape Healing Arts". I shared two of my recipes for publication: one for Quiche and the other for Tomato & Tortellini Soup. They're both items I make often for my family. Since the article comes out September 1st, I thought one that included tomatoes would be useful because they're usually an over abundance of tomatoes as we head into September.

My neighbor has a wonderful garden and recently she invited me over to pick things I might enjoy. I used all the vegetables pictured here in a Cold Pasta Salad tossed with Feta, Italian Dressing and Balsamic Vinaigrette. It was yummy- even better because the vegetables were grown in her garden.
I love when people get passionate about a new recipe they try or create themselves. Recently, I saw a friend post about a sauce he made to dip his freshly steamed mussels in. I asked for the recipe so I could share it with you. I am a big fan of making good food and sharing it with others. He called it "Creamy Garlic and Wine Mussels".

I haven't always liked eating mussels, but since moving to the Cape I have had some very tasty ones at Chappaquoit Grill on 28A in West Falmouth and at Amari's on 6A in Sandwich. Amari's is just before the turn to Sandy Neck Beach and I've stopped there to pick up a batch of freshly steamed mussels before on the way down to watch a sunset.

Recipe for Mike's Creamy Garlic and Wine Mussels

1) Wash Mussels, take out any broken ones and place in a large pot with two cups of water.
2) Add lots of fresh chopped garlic, a whole small finely diced white onion, 3 tbsp. butter, fresh squeezed lemon, bunch of finely chopped fresh scallions and a sprinkle of fresh chopped basil and 1 cup dry white wine.
3) Steam for about five minutes. Drain, reserve liquid.
4) Place mussels in a large bowl.
5) Take the reserved liquid and add approximately a 1/4 cup of cream stir and place in a bowl.
You can either pour the liquid over the mussels or use in a separate bowl for dipping.
6) Make sure you have a loaf of really fresh, warmed sour dough bread to dip in the left over broth. Enjoy!

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