Thursday, August 4, 2011

Dusk, Hand-Tossed Pizza & Company!

It was especially calm down at the beach the other night around dusk. It's my favorite time of day. Wednesday night I went down to the water right after making some really yummy home made pizza. I made a hand tossed with tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese topped with sauteed shrimp & fresh garlic and a diced meatball and feta pizza. We have two pizza stones that are perfect for baking really yummy home-made pizza's. I also love sauteed fresh diced tomato, chopped onion and fresh garlic as a topping combination.
As for company, I definitely have more people come to visit me in the summer and I can't really blame anyone, it's an enchantingly beautiful place during the summer months.
In the winter, I still find solace from the natural beauty but it isn't quite the same as the long lazy days of summer and not nearly as many people come down to visit.
When I know company is about to arrive I like to think ahead and have some easy food combinations on hand. I want to feel relaxed when company comes but I also want them to have food ready and to feel like they can help themselves.
Of course, life gets busy so things don't always fall into place. Last night we ate a roasted lemon and pepper chicken, a large leafy green salad and corn on the cob! My favorite company is the kind that isn't afraid to help out in the kitchen. My kids Dad's mother is in town visiting from Texas and it's nice to have a couple of extra hands around to help out in the kitchen. She made dinner while I picked up my son from Basketball camp and brought my youngest daughter to running camp.
When I finally sat down to eat last night, it all tasted so delicious.

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