Friday, October 28, 2011

Early Morning Fire & Lemon Cake!

"Cooking is like love. It should be entered into with abandon or not at all."~ Colette

I can relate to Colette's idea's on cooking. There are days when so much needs tending to that even the thought of having to boil water can feel like a chore.
But on other days, when I'm settled in at home I can make and bake a whole host of yummy foods. I'll make some for now and some for later and some to share as treat with a loved one.
And similar to love, the rewards, seem equal to what is put into it.
I was in my kitchen first thing this morning baking a Lemon Cake. The house was cold because I haven't turned on the heater quite yet so I made a fire to take away the chill. At the bus stop my neighbor said she could smell the fire. I must have used an especially fragrant piece of wood because it really filled the air throughout my yard and beyond.
We joked about how between the smell of the Lemon Cake baking and the fire burning I was making my own form of aromatherapy.
And like cooking, love comes in so many different forms. This week, I was lucky enough to witness the love my niece has for her new born baby. I got to watch my youngest daughter's face light up when I surprised her at her school lunch. And, then saw another family member's concern over her loved ones recent illness that progressed for the worse. Like the quote above, it's better to enter into with abandon than not at all.

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