Friday, October 7, 2011

Simplicity,Chill in the Air & Baking!

Do you know the song "Simple Day" by One Eskimo? I listened to it first thing this morning. I pulled it out to remind me of the kind of day I wanted to have! It's a good song. If you have a chance, do a search for it and you can find a version of it online. The kids are home from school today because there was a staff development day in Falmouth.

It was such a treat not to have to get up so early make breakfast then lunch first thing and rush everyone off to the bus. We slept in and took the morning slow. I drank coffee. The girls snuggled in their beds and we had a chance to laugh over silly things and catch up after a busy week. My son had a couple of friends over but they were snoozing until almost noon.

There's a chill in the air this morning and the house felt cool. Sophia and I took a walk and she asked if we could bake something together. We decided on her favorite's: chocolate chip cookies and an apple pie. The kids will be at their Dad's this weekend and it will be fun for her to bring them with her to snack on over the weekend.

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