Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Recipe for Ice Cream Pie!

It's been especially hot and humid on Cape this week. The best place for my kids and I is cooling off down by the beach.
 Another way to keep cool is to make an ice cream pie and have it ready in the freezer for when we return.
I'm sharing my recipe below- It's so easy and such a smart way to have a cool treat ready on a hot day!

Recipe for Ice Cream Pie

Take a half gallon of your favorite ice cream
Buy a pre-made graham cracker crust
cup whipping cream
tsp. vanilla
Feel free to even buy ready-made whipped cream (it's just so easy to do and tastes so much better fresh)

Let the ice cream soften so you can spread it into the bottom of the crust. Put the whipping cream and vanilla into a mixing bowl and whip until becomes thick. Spread the cream on top of the ice cream. Cover and place in your freezer.
Go to the beach for the day and VOILA, there will be a ready made treat for you to enjoy!
Have Fun--the warm weather won't last.

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