Monday, August 6, 2012

Summer Dinner Party, Awesome (and Easy) Appetizer & Old Family Recipes!

I hosted a dinner party for ten on my back porch last night. It turned out really sweet. My guests said all the food was amazing and we sat around and chatted well into the night. Family I had not seen in many years came down and it was nice to catch up.
Earlier in the day I was a little worried about the weather--there were thunderstorms predicted, but it turned out to be a perfect night for eating out and grilling on the deck. Shown is a super easy appetizer that I make often because people love it so much. It's a simple recipe using hummus and feta cheese. The other dish is our favorite Summer Salad. We ate Strawberry Shortcake and Ice Cream Pies for dessert.
In case you're hosting a dinner party of your own soon here's my super easy recipe for a tasty appetizer.
Hummus & Vegetable Dip
Take a  container of your favorite hummus (I used a spicy version)
Sprinkle a half cup of crumbled feta on top
Slice and chop fine your favorite fresh summer vegetables ( I used finely sliced cucumber, red onions, diced fresh tomatoes and chopped yellow pepper) -Sprinkle the cut vegetables on top of the feta and hummus. Serve with your favorite cracker. I love the Simply Naked plain Baked Pita Chips.
As for the old family recipes, my guests mentioned they still have a lot of my grandmother's recipes (my dad's mother) written down and they are going to share them with me the next time we get together. I can't wait to try some of them. She was a woman who raised ten children. I can only imagine how much cooking and baking she must have done over the years.

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