Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Hold on Tight, the Holidays are Coming!

Bella and I had a blast in NYC together. I am head over heels in love with the Broadway production of 'Wicked'. Instead of buying a t-shirt to remember the day I decided to buy 'wicked' perfume instead. I put some on immediately to walk around the city. It's a great combination of fruity with a bit of wicked.

When we got out of the show it was snowing. It was so beautiful. We stopped at a little bakery and shared a croissant and coconut macaroons as we watched the snow fall over Manhattan. I wish we were able to stay longer and I'd love to visit again soon.

As I'd expected I have lots of baking to do before the holidays --but I have a plan. I am doing cranberry biscotti dipped in white chocolate today, cake balls tomorrow, sugar cookies over the weekend.
The holidays always feel as if they are rushing toward me so quickly and my plan is to do a little work and have a little fun each day!

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