Saturday, December 26, 2009

Mom's, Magic & Hand-made Aprons!

I can recall as a child wholeheartedly believing in the magic of Santa and Christmas. What a blessing to be able to watch my five year old tip toe down the stairs first thing Christmas morning to find a princess ride-on car and hula hoop! It was exactly what she had asked for-like magic!
So much of the magic of Christmas reflects our deepest desire for something (anything) and then having (and also hoping) that it might come true. Part of the reality of that is we so often in life don't get what we desire or hope for and it is in those special moments where everything seems like it will be all right (like those few moments, early on Christmas Day).
A friend recently told me that life is just two sides of a coin; the good and the bad. She's right.
My oldest daughter offered me a magical present. It was so unexpected and somehow she managed to make it all on her own. She printed out a series of family photographs and the words #1 Baker and transferred them onto a white cloth apron. The apron is beautiful. I wore it yesterday as I made Breakfast for us all. I know I will wear it for many baking adventures to come. Something else magical is that I always want to know that my children love me and her kindness and thoughtfulness to me clearly reflects what is in her heart.
We drove to my mom's yesterday for a family gathering off Cape. We were grateful for the chance to spend Christmas with extended family. They made us a delicious holiday meal and we passed out gifts to one another. I brought the game Pictureka and we gave it a try. It's fun and we shared a few laughs.
We finally took our Steele family photo and hope to have it out by New Year's. I guess I've been a bit busy this season to get it all done before the big day. I paused just long enough to look for the magic in things along the way.

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