Saturday, January 22, 2011

Friendships, Chocolate Chip Cookies & Sea-Term!

I had my students read a short story by Herman Melville this week called "Bartleby, the Scrivener". It's such a funny little story with a dense language. I walked them through it and was impressed with their ability to discuss the various characters and themes. I feel it's my responsibility to assign at least something by Melville however there just isn't time to take on "Moby Dick" in the five week course.

I had coffee this morning with two women friends whose company I adore. It was tough to sneak away on a Saturday morning but I did because I wanted time with them. I love how with certain friendships you can go months (even years) without seeing one another and when you have a chance to reconnect it's as if no time has passed at all.

I'm baking chocolate chip cookies and cranberry biscotti right now because I needed to re-stock but also because I'm expecting company next weekend and I thought it would be fun to have something baked for them to try. My chocolate chip cookies and biscotti freeze well so I'll tuck them away and pull out before they arrive.

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