Monday, January 31, 2011

Crepes, Courage & Connecting with Sophia!

"Be Brave. Take Risks. Nothing Can Substitute Experience."
~Paulo Coelho

On Saturday I went on an all girls adventure to the Vineyard. We had a lot of fun. It was a perfect day for it too-the sun was shining brightly and the water was calm. There were twelve of us and we shared lots of laughs.
The above quote by Coelho comes to mind because having the courage to take risks and get out and live is what life' s all about. It seems like only in the looking back on my life's experience am I able to make any sense of it anyhow so in the mean time I've got lots of living to do.
On Sunday, Sophia wanted to have a play date but none of her friends were available so I suggested we make something together.
Here's an easy recipe for Crepes. Crepes are one of those things that make you feel like you're a marvelous cook (and you are!) but homemade crepes aren't as hard to make as people make them out to be.
We decided to make them super decadent--we rolled them with fresh sliced strawberries and drizzled with melted dark chocolate then topped with fresh whipped cream.

Basic Crepe Recipe:

In a blender combine 2 eggs, 3/4 cup fresh cold milk, 1/2 cup water (blend then add) 1 cup flour, 3 Tbsp. melted butter and blend well again. Place in refrigerator for one hour to chill.
In a small skillet heat pan to medium and drop additional butter to melt on bottom of surface. Place a small amount, approximately an ounce of batter, swirl to spread evenly and heat for about half a minute then flip and cook for another 15 seconds. Lay flat on a clean, dry, surface and continue making them until batter is used. Fill with strawberries and roll. Top with melted chocolate and cream. Enjoy!
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