Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sweeter by the Beach, A Note about the Ganache & Facebook!

When I self-published "Meet Me in My Cape Cod Kitchen" the whole experience was a fun and learn as you go kind of adventure. I wrote it because while caring for a house, three kids and a teaching job I've never quite been able to fill as many baking orders as I'd like to. Soon I'll have to decide if I'm going to re-print copies of "Meet Me in My Cape Cod Kitchen" as I'm close to the end of my current inventory.

In the meantime, I've been working on a second longer work that I'm calling
Sweeter by the Beach. It's a book about food and family inspired by life on Cape Cod.

As for the food it's about family favorites, special summer drinks and Cape inspired party foods. And, as for raising a family here, if you can survive a winter the rest can be amazing. And, I've always secretly feared that if Tommy and I weren't together my kids would no longer have a family. Yet now that this has become a reality, I realize my kids will always have a family even if it doesn't look exactly like I'd hoped it would.

As for the Ganache recipe I shared I want to point out that it goes a long way. The recipe I made covered not only the Coconut Pound Cake I described but also a Two Layer Chocolate Decadence Cake with plenty left over for the girls to taste.

As for Facebook, I've been slow to consider adding my blog there. Not because I don't value it as a good place to make friends and connect with fellow foodies but rather I tend to be a shy writer even though I've been a freelance writer for years.

However, since I've decided to begin this second book I thought a Fan Page might be a good way to gather support and feedback for my next writing endeavor.

I hope those of you who look for me here will also look for and then like Sweeter by the Beach on Facebook. And in the meantime, Happy Baking!

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