Sunday, April 10, 2011

Making Do & A Girl Can Dream, Can't She?

My daughter Sophia was sick this week and she needed to stay home and rest. She and I missed a number of things we had planned last week including attending my son's Basketball Banquet. I was supposed to bring an appetizer but I had to 'make do' with what I had on hand because I couldn't get up to the grocery store with my daughter home sick. I quickly made a pie crust and from there I tossed in chopped bacon, diced onion and sharp cheddar cheese and made a tart. It wasn't fancy but sometimes in life we just have to make do. It must not have been too bad because my son returned home with an empty plate. I took a long walk on Chappaquoit Beach (pictured above) late yesterday afternoon. I was thinking about how when I put together my first recipe book I did it all from my home computer and a local print shop. As I continue to work on Sweeter by the Beach I realize I hold a bigger vision for this second collection. I want to make samples of all my food creations, bring them down to the beach, set them out on long tables with white cloth and photograph them for display in the book. Can you picture it? I can. It really would be--Sweeter by the Beach! And besides, isn't this where all things that are worthwhile in life begin in the first place, simply as a want or a wish or a dream?


Anonymous said...

I LOVE shooting food. Wish I could come up and do it for you. Hmmm....idea?

Linda Maria Steele said...

Nino, GREAT idea! You'd be perfect for this! let me think about logistics! :)

Bella Steele said...

that's a great idea!