Wednesday, November 23, 2011

How Time Flies & Giving Thanks!

It's hard to believe that my niece will turn twenty tomorrow on Thanksgiving Day. I remember the day she was born. I was living in Hermosa Beach, CA at the time.
We had plans that day to go to her Dad's sister's house for Thanksgiving Dinner, but got the call that my sister had gone into Labor. We drove to the hospital to meet her. I remember thinking she was so little, so cute and absolutely perfect! It's amazing how much life has changed in those twenty years and how fast the time flies.
I was doing my holiday baking by candle light and a fire early this morning. It's cold, dark and rainy today and the candle and fire made the house feel less gloomy.
The house was quiet and I had a chance to think about many Holidays I've spent in the past. I thought about that day twenty years ago, but I also remembered how much I used to love the holidays when my Nana and all her sister's were still alive. My grandparents used to attend a Catholic Church that would sing and deliver part of the message in French. I remember feeling as if there was something so special and sacred about that. Even if, I didn' understand exactly what was being said and sung.
Another favorite memory I have of Thanksgiving's past is all the pies my Aunt Ollie used to bake. She made pie perfection- chocolate cream, apple, pumpkin and pecan pies! As a kid, I couldn't wait until dinner was done.
I hope you have a peaceful Thanksgiving and remember to take time to give thanks for even the little things.

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