Friday, December 2, 2011

Kindness, Cake Balls & NYC!

It was my kids Dad's birthday this weekend and even though we are no longer together I decided it was worth the effort to help my kids put a mini birthday celebration together for him. I helped my daughter's buy a quesadilla maker, the ingredients for a dinner they would make for him at his place last Friday and other decorations. I also baked a pie to send over too because what's a birthday without desert? From what my daughter's said, the dinner came out delicious and he seemed to appreciate their efforts.
Regardless of how things turned out between he and I, I want my kids to know how important it is to show kindness and appreciation for the people you care about and what better way then to help them make a celebration for him. I didn't have to be there, it was enough of a reward knowing my girls had fun in their efforts. I have to admit, I also think it's pretty cool that my daughter's are learning the art of cooking and sharing good food too. Something I hope to share with them for years to come.
My oldest daughter and I took a day trip into NYC on Saturday. We had a lot of fun. After a long effort on my part I finally finished my book proposal for "Sweeter by the Beach" and sent it out to a New York Agent for her to take a look at last week. I was happy to finally complete it because I tried to get it done by summer's end but between the kids and my teaching job it simply took longer than I expected.
We had a blast tooling around the City. The cool thing was that at one point I realized we rode right by the Agent's office Building where I sent it to. I hope it gets published someday because it has been a fun project and I think people would enjoy seeing what it's about.
As for making Cake Balls, I baked some late Sunday afternoon because the holidays are fast approaching and I need to get a jump on my baking now before all the party's get underway.
For my first batch of the season, I made chocolate dipped in dark chocolate and sprinkled with crushed candy canes. (Yum!)

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