Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Birthday Parties & Summer Writing!

With two daughter's having birthday's in the summer, I've been busy planning parties. Ever since I can remember I've wanted to give my kids a birthday party that makes them feel (extra) special. It's the little things I do that seems to help them remember what they mean to me. Especially around their birthday.
Sophia and I baked sugar cookies together yesterday and rolled them into the shape of a pony. We are making them as party favors to give out at her pony party at our house this weekend. I decided to have a pony visit to give her and her friends a ride around the yard.
As for summer writing, I've been working on "Sweeter by the Beach". This past week Ive written the prologue and the first chapter called; "The Limoncello Girls".
With the kids out of school it's definitely slow going, but the way I see it, at least I'm making progress. And enjoying my kids while having a bit of a break from my busy teaching schedule.
My daughter Bella has developed a passion for photography and took this fun photo of our pony shaped cookies. You can find my recipe for "Nana's no Fail Sugar Cookie" in "Meet me in my Cape Cod Kitchen".
Link to purchase book below.


Girl covered in party bags said...

Those sugar cookies look yummy! And it is great to make kids feel extra special during their birthday party. Hope your children had a blast for their celebrations =)

Linda Maria Steele said...

Thanks! Was a lot of fun! :)