Monday, September 24, 2007

A Baker's Dozen

What I love about a baker's dozen is you get a little more than you were expecting...13 instead of 12!
Wouldn't it be nice if a baker's dozen extended to other things? Like the amount of time the kids help around the house or the size of our paycheck or even how far the gas in the tank goes?
Right now I am baking Autumn Spice Comfort Cake. The house smells wonderful. It's the little things that always amaze me -like how flour, egg and sugar can produce the most inviting, satisfying and nurturing treats. Sophia loves to bake with me. When she sees me head for the kitchen, i'll hear "Mom, I need my apron". Our aprons match. We wear navy blue and white ones spotted with whales.
My first baking loves: Whale, Lobster and Sea Bass Shaped Sugar Cookies & Supreme Lemon Cake.

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