Friday, September 28, 2007

Musings on Beauty and Balance

The more I do it the more I realize there are so many things to learn about life from the art of baking. The muffins, breads, cookies and cakes bake evenly in my oven. They don't come out all lopsided. Many times what emerges from my oven is surprisingly beautiful.
Today I had a number of necessary but non-noteworthy obligations to fulfill. This week for example, my son starts soccer and I realize he's going to need a pair of cleats that fit him. With a family of five coming and going all weekend from one activity to the next I should also make sure that I stock my fridge. Didn't I stop by the store just yesterday and the day before that as well? There's the laundry-always the laundry. It's easy to understand how mom's can feel out of balance or lopsided at times.
I glance over at the banana bread cooling on the counter. It looks perfect in it's simplicity. The aromas are delightful and the mini loaves are shaped perfectly. I am going to brew some hazelnut coffee and snack on banana bread while Sophia finishes her nap.
The way I see it-- beauty and balance must come from a willingness to appreciate the little things. For today I can appreciate that tasks are getting done. My refrigerator is fairly well stocked, I have completed my baking and I did manage to find the right size cleats at a great price right here in Falmouth. How beautiful!

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Tommy said...

What a neat way to tell a story. I can feel the warmth of the kitchen now.