Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Baking Biscotti & Creativity in the Kitchen

The word biscotti means twice (bis) baked (cotto). Biscotti stores well, travels great and has a long shelf life.
There is evidence that the Romans made biscotti because they traveled often and a twice baked cookie was durable. The longer you cook something the drier it gets. The modern biscotti with all kinds of fruit, nuts and chocolate added were perfected by the Italians.
Last night was the final class for the winter semester of 'Fun & Fabulous' food. The course I have been teaching through Falmouth Night School. We made biscotti. We did chocolate almond biscotti with a bit of white chocolate drizzled on top.
We had a little end of semester party. I made a lemon cake. Another student brought her 'no-bake' chocolate cookies. They were a good group of bakers. I hope I have inspired them to continue being creative in their own kitchens.

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