Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Snowfall & Sugar Cookies

The picture below shows the view from my writing desk. I took it because there is a snowfall this morning which you really can't see from the picture but trust me there is light snow falling on Cape Cod right now.
So much for my hopes that Old Man Winter had walked away for the season. I have been planning an Easter Egg Hunt in the yard this weekend. The crazy thing about Cape Cod weather is we may have 'just right' back yard weather by then.
The girls and I mixed up my favorite "Nana's No Fail Sugar Cookie Recipe" last night. It is chilling in the refrigerator. We've decided instead of cutting our cookies into bunnies and eggs this year we are cutting the dough into mermaids, starfish and daisies-a fresh way to welcome spring!
We'll still use the pastel colored sugar to coat them. But we wanted to be a little more creative this year. Besides, I couldn't locate my egg and bunny cookie cutters and decided not to drive all around town in search of new ones.

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