Sunday, June 29, 2008

Viva La Vida!

A Spanish speaker I am not. I took french throughout high school. Although my days as a waitress in Los Angeles as I put myself through College lent my ear to many south of the border phrases.
The popular Coldplay song titled above translates (I am pretty sure) as "I Live the Life".
On a pretty Cape Cod day I am tempted to speak a similar phrase. Although as I walk through my busy days as a baker, writer, mom to three, wife, etc- I get it. My version of "I Live the Life" looks different than the popular phrase in song- I hold the key.
Most days I can't even find my keys.
But I'm like most people- there are things that are beyond first appearances. Beyond appearances.
My son reminds me the song reflects a story in the French revolution.
Like all good stories their must be a universal message here. Take the good with the bad. Don't stop short. Embrace life.
Isn't it true that sometimes the things we should really 'get' we miss entirely? I know there are times I do.
For now, it's simply summer on Cape Cod: Viva la Vida!
Over the weekend I made Dreamy Island Cookies, Two Sand Pail Cakes: one for Sophia's fourth birthday, the other for a cake auction Bella entered and a carrot cake.

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